It means curious.


We are curious, eternal learners, Third culture professionals. We believe in the power of data and of both introvert and extrovert leaders. We nurture diversity for its proven business results and its ethical implications. We are non-threatening and generous. We collaborate. We bring humor and humility.









What we do

We use our curiosity to research and understand market/behavioral transformation. We leverage our diverse functional and cross-industry experience to identify investment and scaling opportunities. From sustainable energy to consumer e-commerce platforms, we are polymaths who thrive on wider lens thinking and problem-solving.

We support investors including LPs in identifying industry shifts and investment opportunities, evaluating deals in the pipeline for co-investments and direct investments. We partner with PE/VCs leveraging our hands-on experience scaling companies.

We provide strategic and operational guidance to add value to their investments and support start-ups and scale-ups grow sustainably across regions and through challenges.

We enable a healthy balance of founder support with management autonomy, helping them deliver on investor expectations. 

At the request of investors, we now offer brand building services to maximize the value of start-ups and scale-ups. We partner with creatives who understand how to develop brands built on business fundamentals. We listen, we understand, we research, and create clear and impactful brands, aligned with end-user, founder and investor aspirations and needs.

We work across industries.


Freitag’s CEO, an organization that makes accessories from recycled truck tarps, shares his perspective on


Scaling through software and B2B enterprise solutions is a better bet than operating for several

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